November 26, 2016

Unified Communications and Collaboration Systems

Dynncom offers top-notch approach in planning, design, installation, and maintenance of Enterprise Network infrastructure Solutions that are both flexible and scalable to your business needs.

We provide networking solutions and services for both private and commercial, educational, and industrial clients throughout Nigeria.

Our certified technicians service voice, video, and data networks in environments ranging from small local businesses to large enterprise and industrial facilities. Our experts handle every aspect of network deployment, from planning and design to installation and execution of completely new networks to simply extending existing ones.

At Dynncom, We specialize in providing networking solutions from ground up with the client in mind, applying the latest technological innovations that result in installations that are highly efficient, durable and scalable, applying best practices and ethics which in-turn simplifies business processes and boosts overall performance.

Solutions in this category include but not limited to; Datacenter, LANs, WANs and MANs, integrating both wired and wireless technologies.